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The Project:

This is an application inspired by Rapidcom Voice for Windows. It is an app that lets you use a voice modem as an answering machine,and a Fax. I also plan to let it act as a dialup shell account.

The reason I started this project is because 1: I hated running Window$, and wanted to move off of it. 2: I wanted something that was a little more flexable and feature rich. Something that could grow to meet anyone's needs. So I started this project. I visioned it running on some sort of embedded device on the wall in your house someday. Walk in, tap the screen, listen to your messages. Even talk on the phone while cooking Ziti (Yes, I'm part Italian)


The stage it is in currently is somewhat Alpha. I have the basic Frontend functionality worked out. You can use this as a funtioning speakerphone.

Technical Gibberish:

I use Qthreads to run the backend processes. When the application starts up it reads the configfile (managed by the setup dialog box) to determine if it should listen for incomming calls. It then Spawns off a process thread to wait for a call or a RING on the phone line. If it gets n number of rings, it answers. (Hopefully some day soon.) This thread is neccisary because the user still needs to interact with the GUI. if the user decides to take over, place a call, whatever - the Listening thread is killed and full control is returned to the user. If anyone knows a better way, By all means the source is right infront of you. I won't mind. Just let me in on it ;)


Latest Release:

kphonecenter-0.1.8.tar.gz 330521 85 i386 Source .gz